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Efficient Heating in the Winter


During the winter, you will want your home to be warm and comfortable. To help ensure it is always operating the best, make sure that you have us inspected it on a regular basis. Maintenance is required to have the furnace system and parts operating, as they should be. If the furnace system is not maintained, you will notice a few issues with the heating. The first sign may be an expensive monthly energy bill. This would be caused by the system working too long to produce the desired heat in your home. If you notice any changes in your energy bill, make sure to contact us. That way we can inspect the furnace for you.


The ductwork should also be inspected. Over time, there can be a build up of dirt, dust, and debris. You should look inside the vents or registers. If you can see a build up of dust, there probably is more, further back. Cleaning this out will help the furnace to be more efficient and to move the warm air through your home. Also have the ductwork checked over for any cracks, puncture marks, or damage. This would allow heat to escape, also making the furnace work harder.


The thermostat should also be inspected for any problems. One common issue is if the actual temperature is different than the set temperature. The thermostat could malfunction, not sending the proper readings to your furnace. If the connection is not working properly, then this could result in the furnace operating longer. It would constantly be operating to keep the home at the desired temperature that you have the thermostat set at. Also make sure that the thermostat is efficient. If you have an older one, you may want to invest in a programmable thermostat.

Noticing Issues with the Furnace


Your furnace should always be properly maintained and inspected. Doing so will help keep it working properly and efficiently during the cold winter months. If there is an issue, you will want to have the furnace fixed as soon as possible. Ignoring a problem will only lead to a more costly repair bill when it finally is fixed. You will also increase the chance that other parts become damaged in the process as well. When one part does not work, it can damage other parts because those may have to work harder.


Be aware of any odd noises that you might hear. This can include grinding, squealing, or even humming noises. They all can be indications of an issue. The furnace should operate at almost unnoticeable levels. If you notice any odd or loud noises, make sure to contact us. We can come and inspect the furnace system for you. This will help to keep it operating as long as possible. If you are not sure how often maintenance should be done, contact us. We will be able to recommend a schedule of when your furnace should be inspected and maintained.


As always, you will want to make sure that you inspect the filter regularly as well. This will help you to notice when the filter is clogged or full of dirt and dust. When the filter becomes clogged with dirt and dust, you will then notice the system is no longer efficient. Make sure that you also change the filter based on the recommended schedule. Doing so will always make sure that you have the best air flow possible through the system. If you are not sure what size filter you need, contact us. Having the right size is important for the furnace to operate.

Furnace issues to be Aware of

furnace issues


Furnace issues can vary in seriousness. No matter what issue you notice, make sure to schedule an appointment. We can come and look at the furnace. This way we can repair it before a larger issue develops. Even if you might think it is nothing, it is always best to have it looked at.

Change the filter

Dirty filters may not seem like a big concern, but they are extremely significant for the efficiency and performance of your furnace. Since the air in your home is constantly flowing through your air filter, dirt and dust is picked up every time the system is running. These airborne particulates can quickly clog the filter, affecting both airflow and air quality. When that happens, your furnace will find it more difficult to work efficiently. In fact, clogged filters may even cause the system to shut down. This is a safety mechanism on newer systems to prevent further damage to the system due to dirty air and lack of airflow. If your furnace won’t start, the first thing you want to check is the air filter. Often, just by cleaning or replacing your air filter, you can get the system running again.

Check the pilot light

When the pilot light electric ignition goes out, it can be an issue. When these parts get damaged, it will be difficult to keep your home or business warm. So be aware and seek the help of professionals once you encounter problems. Remember, a malfunctioning pilot light may be caused by thermocouple issues, drafts, or clogs in the heating system. In order to maintain an efficient furnace, you will want to make sure your pilot light is healthy. If you smell gas, turn off your HVAC system, evacuate the home, and call your local gas company.

Properly working thermostat

A faulty thermostat may lead to problems with the furnace’s fan or may also affect your home’s comfort levels. The furnace may not be able to warm up your home when the thermostat is not working. You may need to change the batteries. To avoid false reading, make sure your thermostat is located away from all heat sources. This includes direct sunlight, heating vents, cooking equipment, space heaters, and lamps. If you need to relocate your thermostat, contact us.

If your furnace turns on and off quite too frequently, it may indicate a clogged filter. It may also mean a wrong thermostat setting or improper airflow. After checking things like dirty air filter and thermostat settings, have us check the appliance for you. If your furnace’s blower continuously runs, there may be a problem with the limit switch. If the problem is confirmed, that part should be replaced immediately. Furnace issues should always be taken seriously, so make sure to contact us.

Furnace Tune Ups are needed

furnace issues


In your home, you want to avoid any furnace issues. The first step to accomplish this is to have the furnace inspected on a regular basis. Maintenance in the fall before the cold season is recommended. If you did not have that this year, your furnace may develop a problem. Make sure to contact us at the first sign of furnace issues. No matter if it is a problematic issue, or something small, call us. We can come and inspect it to ensure everything is working properly.

Check the filter

The first thing to check is the filter. The filter is designed to capture any dirt or dust that might be in the home. This prevents it from being recalculated through the home time and time again. If you are not sure the type of filter, we can advise you. We can also recommend when you should check and change the filter for the furnace system. By doing so, it will circulate clean air without any pull or drag. A dirty filter can also cause parts to work harder and wear out sooner. Be advised to never operate a furnace without a filter. This can cause the dirt to get on the components of the furnace. This can cause furnace issues quickly.

Notice odd noises

Also check for any odd noises or sounds. A bang, thump, or grinding noise should not be ignored. It can mean a part is wearing poorly, or something should be repaired. It is always best to contact us so we can inspect it for you. If you hear a noise, having it repaired as soon as possible helps reduce the chance of further damage. It also helps to prevent a very costly repair bill in the long run.

Remember the thermostat

You will want to also inspect the thermostat to ensure it is operating efficiently. If the set temperature is different than the actual temperature, there is an issue. The thermostat may need to be repaired or replaced. We can inspect and advise you on what is causing the issue. This can help you get back to a warm and comfortable home.

Furnace Maintenance for your Furnace

Each winter, countless homeowners will experience issues with their furnaces when the cold air sets in, and then will be in for a headache, as well as expensive costs of replacement in some instances. There are several benefits to keeping up with furnace maintenance and cleaning. You will want to make sure to contact us at the first sign of an issue with the furnace. We can inspect it to ensure the parts and components are working the most efficient way possible. From an energy efficiency standpoint, furnace maintenance is critical to lowering heating costs. If your furnace is not running properly, it will be using more energy to yield less heat. Cleaning and maintenance will mitigate this risk, allowing you to stay warm without causing extra spending.

Air quality should also be a priority for your home in the winter. You and your family will be spending more time in the house with the windows shut. In addition to furnace maintenance, it is recommended getting the air ducts evaluated and cleaned to reduce dust, dirt and mold particles in the air. Duct cleaning and maintenance can also improve energy efficiency in winter.

You will also want to remember to check and replace the filter for your furnace when it is recommended. The filter is designed to capture dust, dirt, and other pollutants that are in the air of your home. Remember to not run the filter, as it can cause extra strain on the parts of the furnace. If you do notice an issue with the furnace system, make sure to contact us so we can inspect it for you.

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