Water conditioning

Serving the Greater Rochester Area and the Twin Cities since 1988

Since 1988 K&S has been providing Rochester area homeowners all the benefits of soft water WITHOUT the high prices that the national brand names demand.  Working with a local supplier we are able to customize every water conditioning installation based on the hardness of your water, your daily water demands, and set your water softener to the level just right for you. As we do with all the home comfort products K&S sells and installs, we back every water conditioning installation with our award-winning plumbing department.  ALL WATER CONDITIONING PRODUCTS PROVIDE THE SAME RESULTS, SO PLEASE DO NOT OVERPAY JUST BECAUSE THERE IS A NATIONAL BRAND NAME ON THE BOX!!!!!   


Soft water has many benefits beyond the enjoyment you experience every time you shower or enjoy a bath……your appliances will last longer and operate better, metal pipes are not clogged with minerals, water has a better smell & flavor, your clothes will appear brighter and last longer, and dishes and pans will be cleaner.

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