Fall has officially arrived. Crisp air, colorful leaves, pumpkin spice, and furnace tune-ups. You read that correctly. Fall is the best season for maintenance on your home’s central heating system. The only thing worse than those frigid winter months is your furnace breaking down when you need it the most. Luckily, this is preventable. Below, we’ll discuss what a furnace tune-up entails and why every homeowner needs to get one in the books before the coldest months hit.


What’s included in a furnace tune-up?

During a tune-up, our technicians at K&S will adjust and clean your furnace so it operates at maximum efficiency. We’ll perform a full inspection and look for potential issues that could lead to problems down the road. Every home heating system is different, but our technicians are equipped to address it all, including the following:

✔️ Vent system check and blockage removal
✔️ Heat exchanger inspection for signs of damage or corrosion
✔️ Safety controls and startup cycle check
✔️ Blower and blower motor inspection
✔️ Thermostat inspection and calibration
✔️ Electrical connections and wiring check
✔️ Complete lubrication of all moving parts
✔️ Fan belt check and adjustment

What are the advantages of scheduling maintenance today?

1. Preventative maintenance leads to a longer system life

Regular maintenance helps your furnace run more efficiently as it ages. Think about your car. What would happen if you never took it in for an oil change? Your furnace operates the same way. Heating systems need regular upkeep to make sure they’re running properly. Our Preventative Maintenance Agreements help you stay on track with your furnace care. Preventative care is the key to ensuring a fully functioning system for years to come.

2. Reduced risk of breaking down during colder months

Cold winter nights are when you need your home heating system the most. This is why autumn is such a popular time to schedule routine maintenance. By making sure everything works correctly now, you reduce your chances of running into issues over the winter months. Don’t wait until a problem arises when you can handle it today.

3. Potential to lower your monthly energy bills

When furnaces get filled with dust, they slow down and require more energy to operate. This results in higher energy bills for you. Regular check-ups and ​duct cleaning help guarantee that your furnace runs more efficiently and top performance. This results in huge energy savings over the course of the year.

4. Warranty compliance

A home heating system usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers the cost of necessary upkeep. Most of these warranties require annual equipment maintenance, like a fall tune-up. Skipping this check-up could result in the loss of your warranty.

5. Peace of mind and safety for your family

One of the biggest risks in neglecting routine furnace maintenance is carbon monoxide. A cracked heat exchanger could result in invisible, deadly gases, such as carbon monoxide, and it leaks into your home. Regular maintenance helps safeguard you and your family from these dangers, as well as others.

Furnace tune-ups are a homeowner’s responsibility that can’t be ignored. By scheduling an appointment now, you can avoid longer wait times in the colder months ahead. K&S is a local home comfort business that you can trust. To learn more about our services or to schedule your fall tune-up, give us a call at (507) 282-4328 for our Rochester location, or (952) 697-4328 for our Twin Cities location. We look forward to hearing from you!