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There is a reason that K&S Heating & Air has thousands of homeowners on Preventative Maintenance Agreements.  They work!  With a K&S Preventative Maintenance Agreement you enjoy the convenience of a 15 point air conditioning performance tune up every spring, and a 13 point furnace or heat pump performance tune up every fall.  Your home comfort equipment is ready for hot and humid days in the summer and those below zero days in the winter. K&S will call you to arrange a convenient day and time so you do not have to remember a thing.

Another benefit of a K&S Preventative Maintenance Agreement is your equipment’s warranty.  Many of the manufacturers of the new high efficiency equipment require preventative maintenance as part of your warranty.  That is why K&S provides every new furnace and AC customer with a ONE YEAR FREE PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT.


K&S has been providing preventative maintenance for decades.  The benefits are clear:  They extend the life of your equipment, prevent break downs, reduce repairs, lower utility costs, and assure that your home is as comfortable as it can be. In addition, with a K&S Preventative Maintenance Agreement, if you do have a service problem you go to the front of the line, never pay overtime charges, and receive a discount on parts if they are necessary.

K&S Preventative Maintenance Agreements are super affordable and start at just $189.00……what are you waiting for?  The last thing you want to deal with is a hot sticky or freezing cold home!  Get your K&S Preventative Maintenance Agreement started today by completing the form below.


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