The winter weather means that you will need to turn on the furnace for your home. You will want to make sure you have a warm and comfortable house for you and your family. If there are any issues, the last thing you will want is an unexpected breakdown. When there is a problem or issue that is starting, make sure to contact us as soon as possible. Doing so can help prevent any further damage or costs in the long run for your system. Anytime there is a clunk or grinding noise, make sure to note where it is coming from. Doing so will help us to pinpoint what the problem is and have it fixed quickly for you.

Winter Filter Inspections

Make sure that the filter is always inspected and cleaned. The filter will capture and collect pollutants that are in the air of your home. Without one, these particles can get into your furnace system and moving parts. It will eventually wear out the system and cause a failure. You will want to maintain the furnace properly so it lasts for several years. If you are not sure when the filter should be inspected or changed, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on a schedule for it.

Thermostat Care

Also remember to make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. If there is an issue or it is failing, you will notice a few signs. One is that the set temperature and actual temperature are different. Sometimes they can be within a few degrees, but if there is a significant difference, then there is an issue. You will also want to make sure that the thermostat is placed in a good spot. This should be out of any direct sunlight or windows of your home. If it is by a window, you may actually get a false reading on it.