In the winter, make sure to regularly maintain the furnace system as well. There should be maintenance inspections done by us, so we can inspect all the parts and components. If you are not sure on the schedule, we can advise you on the recommendation to keep your system operating correctly. All the various parts should be looked at, so they are at top performance for your system. This should include the thermostat, ductwork, filter, and the furnace itself. If you notice an issue, make sure that you contact us so we can come and inspect it.

Winter Care


In the winter, make sure that you check the filter regularly. This can be determined based on if you have any pets in your home, or how many people you have there as well. The more pets you have, the greater the chance for pet fur and dander to be in the air and HVAC system of the home. This will then clog up the filter when your furnace is running. When recommended by the schedule, change the filter of the HVAC system as well. Having a clean, new filter will improve the air efficiency and quality as well. If you are not sure what filter is needed for your home, contact us.


Always remember that you should not operate the HVAC or furnace system without a filter. This can lead to dirt and dust going into the furnace and causing issues with the moving parts and components. This can result in these parts wearing out much sooner than they typically should otherwise. If there is an odd noise or sound, you will want to make sure that you contact us so we can also inspect it. This will help reduce the chance of further problems. It will also help you to have a warm and comfortable home this winter.