Remember to care for the air conditioner and keep the filter cleaned. You will want to make sure that the system is well maintained so it works efficiently. If you are not sure how often to clean or check the filter, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on the schedule you need for your home and air conditioning system.

Keeping the Filter clean

The system will no longer have proper performance if the filter is dirty. This causes it to cool ineffectively and affect the quality of air inside the room or house. This will put people with asthma and allergies at greater risk, as well as waste energy and money. Check the filter on a regular basis. You will need to change it on a schedule as well.

Issues with dirty filters

Dirty and clogged air conditioning filters lower the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. The energy that is wasted will pollute the environment and add to the greenhouse gas emissions, further compounding the problem of global warming.If they are dirty, there can be issues with allergies and asthma for your family. The indoor air quality plays a factor for your overall health. Always make sure the filter is inspected on a regular basis, as well as the air conditioner itself.