If you are purchasing your first air conditioning system or replacing an existing unit, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The factors that will increase your indoor air quality and home comfort while taking your budget into consideration. Always remember, that we have the knowledge and experience to inform you of what air conditioning system is best for your home. By getting the right air conditioner, you can get one that keeps your home cool, but does not waste energy or costs in the long run.


The Air Conditioner should be Right for your Home


The first factor to consider when buying your new air conditioning system is the size of the space that needs cooling. If you only need one or two rooms cooled, you may want to consider investing in window air conditioning units. They are smaller, cheaper alternatives to the bigger, more expensive, but more effective central air option. Choosing such an air conditioning system becomes more cost effective than the window units when the sum payment of the individual units is larger than the single central air system. Your electric bill will also increase with the number of window units running. If you are not sure what option is best for you, we will be able to answer any questions you have.


Why the SEER Number is Important


It is important to choose an air conditioning system with a good SEER number. This number is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio number for the unit. This number measures how efficiently your air conditioner will run. The bigger the number the smaller the dent in your electric bill. In hotter climates you will want a higher SEER rated air conditioner that will be able to stay on longer without using as much energy, but in cooler climates, where your air conditioner will only be used seasonally, it may be cheaper to buy an air conditioning system with a lower SEER, since it will not be in use nearly as much. Try to find out what the standard SEER number is for you area. Keeping this in mind may help you maintain your home comfort and your financial comfort at the same time. Remember to ask about the SEER number to ensure the indoor air quality.


Regular Maintenance will help Keep it in the best Condition Possible


One of the last decisions to make when buying a new air conditioning unit or system is compare the prices between the choices you have. Doing so should be obvious, but there may be some costs beyond the base price of the system that should be considered. Consider the prices for installation, regular maintenance, and any other repairs that might happen in the future. These questions can also be influenced by the kind of air conditioning system you will be purchasing. With these things in mind, you will be able to weigh your home comfort needs against your air conditioning costs and find the perfect fit for you.