If you are a homeowner and you have an HVAC issue that pertains to furnace faults, then there are some tips that are worth trying. People often start to come across many issues with their furnace, and one of the most common ones relates to furnace not blowing hot air while running. If you happen to notice a furnace that is only blowing cold air and is not heating, there might be an issue.

The first thing that you should check in this instance is whether that is everything that the furnace is doing. Is it just continuously blowing cold air or only blowing cold air from time to time. If the furnace is doing nothing but blowing cold air, then it is likely that your furnace has started to show signs of aging, and may be running past its prime.

In this instance, you may have to make major repair and replacements to overcome this problem. You may also have to hire a service for a complete inspection and repair. Sometimes your furnace may wrongly sense a problem that does not exist. This is especially when it has a motor problem.

Motor Problem

There is a good chance that your furnace does not even have a motor problem because it is blowing cold air. A motor problem would mean that it is not blowing any air at all. Sometimes the furnace will lock itself out and sense a problem with the pilot.

Other times the furnace will try ignition multiple times and turn itself off and run the blower. This is a sign to the home owner that they need to get the furnace checked out. The first thing to do in this instance would be to go downstairs and do hard reset of the furnace.

Tips for Re-setting the Furnace

One of the first tips that will help with a furnace problem involves a hard reset. For this, you have to turn all the power off and let the furnace sit for a couple of seconds. After doing that, you will have to turn it back on and see what happens. Many times it will reset itself and go through different stages of ignition.

The first stage of ignition will involve the inducer fan turning on, and you may also see the surface ignition as the light of the burner. After a hard reset, you just have to see what it does, and many times the furnace will correct itself. Problems with the gas pressure and other minor issues can be resolved by a simple reset.

If the furnace puts on the blower and does not heat the air that circulates inside your home, then it is time that you call the professional. This is because something has probably failed and requires intensive professional help. To turn off the furnace, you have to go to the furnace and you will find a light switch on the furnace that you will have to turn off.