Air quality and the importance of it should be a priority when getting a HVAC system. Many people tend to ignore air quality inside their homes, and this often costs them a great deal of pain. Whenever the weather reaches extreme temperatures, whether it is really hot, or really cold, people tend shut close their windows and rely on either the air conditioner or the heater.

There is nothing wrong with relying on your HVAC system to keep the temperature optimum. However, it is essential that you do not ignore it air filtration and ventilation mechanism. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic makes ventilation and indoor air quality even more significant.

Indoor Air Quality for Covid-19

Viruses of all kinds have a tendency to stay suspended in mid air alongside water droplets. This means, that the most hostile environment for indoor homes is one that lacks sufficient ventilation. Closing all the windows shut can therefore mean that you are allowing viruses and pollutants to suspend inside your house, and not be subject to the flowing winds.

Pollutants are small particles in the atmosphere that can flow inside and outside your homes with the help of gushing winds. If extreme temperatures keep you from opening windows, then you must stay on top of your HVAC’s air filtration system and ventilation.

To do this, you can resort to measures that revolve around improving the air filtration system indoors. This may require you to replace your air filters with ones that can filter out tiny pollutants getting inside indoor spaces. Optimizing your air filtration system is therefore, also an incredible preventative measure for Covid-19.

Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can be very detrimental to health. It affects both adults and children, however it can be even more drastic for children. This is because children are likely to spend a majority of their time indoors. This means that they are exposed to indoor air pollution more than adults.

Moreover, children also spend more time in the child breathing zone, which is one meters from the floor. Since water droplets along with other pollutants flow closer to the ground in an indoor setting, simple activities such as laying carpets and painting the walls can emit the flow of harmful particles in the child breathing zone, making them subject to respiratory problems amongst others.

Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality

The average American today spends a vast majority of their time inside buildings. Buildings by design are vessels that trap pollutant containing air inside them. Much of the buildings in which most people work, or live have very poor air circulation. This is why most people today suffer from common ailments such as fatigue, headaches and frequent sickness. Therefore, good air quality is not only important for your health, but also your productivity inside closed workspaces.

One of the best things that you can do for your wellbeing is improving your indoor air quality. Whether you have to upgrade your HVAC system, invest in an air purifier, or increase circulation, it is best to do whatever you can to live a happy and breathable life.