The filter helps keep your HVAC system operating properly. Without the filter, the dirt and dust can damage it. This happens based on the dirt particles getting into the HVAC system and causing wear and tear to it. The filter will need the cleaning on a schedule. You can look up when this cleaning should be. We can also advise you on when the cleaning should be done. As important as cleaning is, so is having it replaced. The filter should be replaced on a regular basis to help ensure that it stays efficient. The filter is designed to capture dirt and dust particles that are in the air. Over time, it will capture on the filter, and build up. When this builds up, then the filter will no longer have the proper air flow. This can increase the amount of strain that the HVAC system has.


Since filters come in several sizes and brands, make sure you get the one that is right for the unit. Not having the proper one can increase the chance of an issue or problem when it operates for you. Also remember to never have the HVAC system operate without a filter. Without the filter, the dirt can go directly in the HVAC unit. This causes dirt and dust build up inside, as well as damage to other parts. It will also lead to faster wear and tear of the system.