Knowing how long since you have replaced the filter for your furnace is important. This will help to keep your HVAC and heating system operating in the best condition possible. If you neglect the filters for the furnace, then you will run into several issues and problems in the future. The first problem is that you may spend more and it will be a costly repair to fix. If the filter becomes clogged, then the air will not be able to pass through it efficiently. When there is a problem, then it will put extra strain and stress on the overall system.

Furnace issues and what to do

Keeping a record and knowing when you replaced the filter is important. This way you will know and be aware of when the filter should be changed. If you do not feel comfortable changing the filter, contact us and we can change the filter for you. We can even bring the replacement filter out and inspect the system to ensure the efficiency of it as well. With any questions or concerns you have, always make sure to contact us. It is better to have something looked at rather than ignoring it. Setting aside the problem only develops it into something worse.


Also remember to be aware of what type of home you have. If you have any pets, you will need to change the filter more often than you otherwise should. This is because pet hair and pet dander can get into the air of the home and be circulated. Make sure to check the filter on a regular basis, and clean it when it starts to become clogged and dirty. This will help the air quality in your home, as well as the performance of the furnace.