Adding a programmable thermostat to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is an easy project that can be done quickly. Make sure to contact us and we can inspect your home and HVAC unit. By installing a programmable thermostat you can save on monthly energy bills, while also keeping your home comfortable. It is important to read over your new thermostat’s installation and setup guide in order to take advantage of all that it can offer your system.


The biggest benefit programmable thermostats offer is the cost savings. With programmable thermostats, you can adjust the temperature to the exact point of your own personal comfort. For every degree you raise or lower the temperature in your home during the heat of the summer or the cold of winter, you can save up to two percent on your utility bill. You do not have to keep your air conditioning or heat on high while you are away from home. You can create a schedule that follows your family’s routine, and keeps the temperature cool or warm while you are there, but eases up on the energy usage when you are not home.


Another benefit of a programmable thermostat is their ability to help you maintain the perfect, consistent temperature throughout your home. Instead of cranking the air conditioner on high during the height of a heat wave, programmable thermostats can run at a constant level. During the freezing cold of the winter, your heat can stay steady as it follows your programmed temperature schedule.


Homeowners also like the fact that they can spend less time adjusting their thermostat with a programmable version. With a manual thermostat, it can take some practice and extra time to go through the steps of setting the temperature during different times of the day. When it is time to leave your house, you have to go back to the wall unit and make adjustments, a practice many of us neglect in the first place. Then, you have to readjust every time you come home, when you go off to bed and when you wake up in the morning. By using a programmable thermostat can eliminate all of that time spent in front of your manual device. You can set a schedule one time per season, and then forget about it, so you can focus on feeling comfortable instead.


The newer models of programmable thermostats are coming equipped with many different varieties of high tech tools, such as Wi-Fi ability or technology that allows you to control your thermostat using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Having a thermostat that is connected to your home network can help you create a linked home that can be easily controlled from the comfort of your couch or virtually anywhere. If you are on vacation and you notice that there is an unseasonably warm or cold day back home, you can adjust the temperature of your house thermostat easily from your device.