Having a programmable thermostat in your home can provide several benefits. These smart devices allow you to fine-tune the temperature in your home for every hour of every day. You can enjoy the optimal level of comfort when you are at home and active, and your thermostat will save you money by automatically adjusting the temperatures when you are away or asleep.



Most programmable thermostats have user-friendly digital displays that make it easy for you to preset different temperatures for different times of the day. Many models let you differentiate between weekday and weekend programs. Some devices are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can change the settings from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Others come with thoughtful extras such as alerts that tell you when it is time to change your air filter. Virtually all of the models on the market today let you manually override the setting whenever you want, without losing your preset programming.


For optimal savings, aim for a “setback” period of at least eight hours. For each degree that you adjust the setting over an eight-hour period, you can expect to shave off one percent off your heating bill. During the winter, program the device to drop the temperature in your home ten degrees while you are away at work or when you go to sleep, as you can reduce your heating costs by ten to twenty percent.


A programmable thermostat allows you to program the thermostat to reach your ideal temperature by the time you return home or before you start your day, so you never have to sacrifice your personal comfort to save money. Having one of these programmable thermostats lets you enjoy the full benefits of your HVAC systems, all while significantly lowering your energy bills. If you have questions about your thermostat or a new thermostat, make sure to contact us. We can advise and recommend the type of thermostat that would be the most beneficial for your home.