This Thanksgiving, make sure your home is warm and comfortable. As you get ready to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones…you will want to make sure that your guests feel welcomed. By having a well-maintained HVAC system, your furnace should be operating properly. If you ever notice a slight issue, you will want to make sure to call us. As the winter as just getting started, you will always want to ensure your home is a warm and comfortable place to relax.

Thanksgiving and a comfortable home

Make sure to change the filter on a regular basis for your home. This way the dirt and dust that might be in the air of the home can be collected. Whenever there are asthma sufferers, you will notice that the dust triggers more of a reaction. Even those who suffer from allergies will have issues with breathing in your home. Make sure that you clean the filter more regularly if you have a pet in your home as well. Doing so can help keep pet dander and hair to a minimum. Along with that, it is important to brush the pet regularly to remove any loose hair as well. When you notice the filter is clogged, be sure to change it.

 You will also want to have the ductwork inspected yearly as well. Over time a buildup of dirt and dust can cause issues with the ductwork system. When you hear odd noises or sounds, it can indicate that the air is not properly flowing through the ductwork. Be sure to contact us at any sign of an issue that you might notice. Doing so will also help make your home warm and inviting for family and friends when they come to spend the holidays with you as well. By having regular maintenance done, you can help keep the HVAC system lasting as long as possible.