It is important to stay cool and comfortable when the summer becomes hot and uncomfortable from the heat. Always remember that you should never leave anyone or any pet in the vehicle during the summer. When the sun is out, the vehicle can become dangerously hot in a matter of minutes. Besides your vehicle, you may notice that your home become hot and humid during the summer months as well. Having regular maintenance can help keep these parts working correctly and as they need to be. If they are not inspected, then the parts can wear down more quickly. It can also lead to issues with other parts as well.

Clean the Ductwork

If you notice that some rooms are warmer than others, it can be beneficial to have the ductwork inspected. If there are cracks or punctures in the ductwork, then the nice cool air could be going through that. This would result in warmer than normal rooms. You can also have the ductwork inspected to see if it should be cleaned. Over time there can be a build up of dirt, debris, and even dead insects. If you have pets in your home, it is beneficial to have the ductwork cleaned more often. Pet hair and dander can also cause it to clog up.

Remember to inspect the Thermostat

You can help keep your home cool by making sure the thermostat does not malfunction. If you notice a significant difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature, there could be an issue. Contact us so we can come and inspect the HVAC system and thermostat for you. We can also check the filter to ensure that it does not need to be replaced either. If you are ever unsure if there is an issue with the air conditioner, it is always best to call us. This will help prevent further wear and tear in the long run as well.