After a long winter, you will want to make sure you HVAC system is still operating efficiency. As the seasons change, you will want to make sure that your system is operating as efficiently as possible. There are several parts and components that you should inspect regularly. The best thing to do is contact us so we can inspect the system for you. Doing so will help to ensure that everything is working efficiently. We can also recommend when various maintenance inspections should be done for the system.

Check the Air Conditioner

In the spring is a great time to have to have the air conditioner inspected for preventative maintenance. Before turning the air conditioner on, you will want to make sure it will be ready to operate and produce cool air. You will want to ensure that when you flip on the air conditioner, it will cool your home as you want. We can inspect the ductwork, thermostat, and filter of the system. Always remember to change the filter on a regular basis. Running the HVAC system without a filter can cause damage to the gears and parts of the system.

Keeping the ductwork clean is important for the efficiency of the system, as well as air quality. If the ductwork is full of dirt and dust, then it will be distributed back into the air of your home. This can be difficult breathing if you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma. Also inspect the ductwork for any cracks or damage that it might have. Damage to the ductwork allows the air to escape from them. You may also notice an increase in your monthly energy bill as well. That is because the HVAC system will have to work harder to produce the air that it is set at.