In the spring you will want to always make sure everything is working at top performance. By contacting us, we can come and make sure that the components are efficient. This will help you to save money in the long run for monthly energy bills and repairs. You will want to keep checking the filter, no matter what time of the year it is. This way we will make sure that it is free of any dirt or dust build-up. The filter is designed to capture any contaminants that might be in the air of the home. When it is recommended, the filter should be changed completely. This will allow fresh air to cycle through the system and back into your home.


Spring Care

When we inspect the system, we will check the thermostat as well. Always be aware to make sure the set temperature and actual temperature are nearly the same. If there is a significant difference between the two, then contact us. We will check to make sure that everything is installed correctly for it. You will also want to make sure that the thermostat is placed out of the way of windows or vents in the home. This can cause a false reading. The sunlight through any windows can also cause issues.

If you notice the monthly energy bills going up, you will want to make sure to have a professional inspect the system. There could be an issue with the HVAC system or one of the parts. As we check it, we can determine the issue and have it repaired. This will end up saving you time, money, and stress in the long run. Also, listen for any odd noises you might hear. This can also be an issue. It is always best to have these inspected before causing further damage to the HVAC system.