smart thermostats

We live in a digital age where just about any household gadget can be controlled through an app on our phones. It’s no wonder smart thermostats are so popular these days. Today we’re going to discuss how a smart thermostat works, and why they’re such a great investment for all homeowners. We’ll also discuss the benefits of professional installation for your new system.

How do smart thermostats work?

A smart thermostat operates on a wifi connection. This lets you control thermostat settings through your phone or computer. One of the biggest benefits to this is that you can adjust your thermostat while you’re away from home. ​Having your heating system malfunction while you’re traveling would be a nightmare. ​It could cause your pipes to freeze, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. A smart thermostat can prevent this, since it helps you keep tabs on things while you’re away.

Different smart thermostat models come with a variety of useful features. Some automatically adjust temperatures based on learned preferences or time of day. Others record yearly energy usage by tracking your heating and cooling habits. Some fancier models can even detect potential problems with your HVAC system. ​Others can track when you’re leaving work to make sure your house is at the perfect temperature when you get home. ​Compared to standard models, smart thermostats are a significant upgrade.

How much do smart thermostats cost?

Smart thermostats aren’t terribly expensive. Most of them range in price from $100 to $300. More expensive models will offer the most advanced features. However, budget-friendly options are a huge improvement over traditional thermostats.

Are they worth it?

Smart thermostats will definitely save you money on heating and cooling expenses. In fact, the average U.S. household saves approximately 15 percent on cooling and 10 to 12 percent on their heating bills with a smart thermostat. This totals to a savings of $130 to $145 per year. As you can see, the smart thermostat pays for itself within a year or two of purchase. The average lifespan is about 10 years, and some will last even longer. That means you’ll save well over $1,000 on heating and cooling bills.

Benefits of professional installation

Unless you’re an experienced electrician, it’s best to hire a professional for your smart thermostat installation. Here’s why. Unlike manual thermostats, most smart thermostats require a c-wire. A lot of newer homes have c-wires, but many older homes do not. If you try to install your smart thermostat without a c-wire, you’ll run into a lot of issues with your HVAC system.

Some problems we’ve come across are delayed starts, odd noises, entire systems turning on and off without warning, and constant running. Trusting a professional means you won’t have to deal with any of these headaches. It also means you’ll have someone to walk you through all the features of your new gadget.

If you’re interested in modernizing your home thermostat system, K&S can help. Our skilled technicians can install your smart thermostat in no time, and can even help you learn how to use it. Give us a call at (507) 282-4328 for our Rochester location, or (952) 697-4328 for our Twin Cities location.