There may be signs you need a dehumidifier in your home. Too little of humidity can cause discomfort, but too much humidity can cause issues as well. By keeping the home at an ideal humidity and temperature level, everyone will be able to enjoy being indoors. If the home has too much humidity and moisture, it will start to grow mold and mildew. Remember to turn off any humidifiers you might be running from winter. If there still is an increase in humidity levels in the home, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on options to make the home cool and comfortable.

Signs of an Issue

One sign that would indicate the home has too much humidity is any condensation on the interior glass of the windows. There may be water beading on the window, or even a buildup of what looks like fog on the windows. If the buildup of moisture continues on the sill, it will eventually rot the wood. It can also lead to mold growing. Check the wood and edges of the window for any black or dark spots, as this will be the first sign of mold.


The bathrooms are a common spot where moisture will start to collect and build up. Since the steam will rise, any problems will typically be found on the ceiling or up in the corners where it meets the walls. This will especially be true for any bathrooms that do not have fans to remove the steam and humidity to the outdoors. There can also be mold growth around the toilet or behind the shower or bathtub. Be aware of any plumbing that leaks, as this can lead to a moisture problem. If there is a strong odor or musty smell, it will also be an indication of high humidity levels. Make sure to invest in a whole home dehumidifier so the home is comfortable this summer.