You will want to have preventative maintenance done for your air conditioner before the hot humid summer heat arrives. If you are not sure when the scheduled maintenance should be done, it is always advised to contact us. When we inspect the air conditioning system, we can also check the filter for it at the same time. As we do so, we can advise you when the filter should be inspected, cleaned, and replaced. Some factors can determine how often a filter is changed. If you have pets or animals in the home, you will want to have it changed on a more frequent basis. This is because pet hair and dander can get into the air of your home easily. If anyone in the home suffers from pet allergies, you will need to change the filter often.

We can also inspect the internal parts and components of the air conditioning system. These should always be in efficient working order. If you notice any odd noises or sounds coming from it when it operates, make sure to contact us. Ignoring these issues can only result in the system having further damage in the long run. Other parts will start to wear and have issues as well. You may start to notice when there is an issue with the system, based on the monthly energy bill. As the parts fail, the air conditioner may start to work harder to make up for that, resulting in it operating longer.

Always remember to have the ductwork inspected and cleaned as well. If there is a build up of debris and dirt, it can affect how the air flows through it. This can make it difficult for the cool air to reach some rooms in your home as well. If you notice hot or cold spots in the home, make sure to contact us as soon as possible and we can look at the system for you.