The furnace system is important for your home comfort and heating. Make sure to have the system inspected on a regular basis. The parts should be inspected because it can help to decrease the chance of issues with other parts. This can help to reduce the chance of costly heating bills as well as a repair bill. Make sure the heating system is free of any dirt or grime build-up. This can help the unit to run effectively and efficiently when it needs to. If you notice anything out of the norm, make sure to contact us so we can come and inspect the furnace for you.


The most important thing is to make sure the system is clean and clear of any dirt or debris. This allows the parts to work correctly and at top performance levels. The area around the furnace should also be clean and clear. Having a system with dirt and debris can cause the parts to wear out quicker than they typically should.


Also remember to check the filter on the furnace regularly. It should be cleaned as recommended to help ensure that good clean air is being filtered through your home. The filter will also need to be replaced when it is no longer efficient. If you are unsure how often to check or clean the filters, we can help to advise you on when it should be done. Having dirty or polluted air circulated through your home can be aggravating for allergy or asthma sufferers. Having a clean filter can help you to breathe easier.


When having the furnace inspected, the ductwork can also be checked. It should be free from any cracks, holes, or gaps it might have. These can be areas where air is leaked out. Having air leak out can increase the chance for higher monthly energy bills. The ductwork will not be able to produce as much air through your home as it is creating. You may also be able to notice if there is an issue with the ductwork based on the temperature your home is at. If the actual temperature is significantly lower than the set temperature, this can indicate that heat is being leaked from somewhere in the ductwork. It could also mean that the thermostat could be faulty. By contacting us, we can inspect the system for you. This can help you to have a warm and comfortable home this winter.