Having an efficient air conditioner is important for both your wallet and your comfort. When it is efficient, you will notice a decrease in the monthly energy bills. This is because it will not need to work as long or as hard as a unit that is not properly maintained. If you do notice that there is an increase in the monthly bill, you may want to have the air conditioner inspected. You will also want the parts working in the best condition possible so they do not do damage to the other parts as well.


When you hear an odd noise it is an indication there is an issue. These noises will warn you the air conditioner has a problem, and chance of no longer being efficient. A clunking noise can be coming from the unit itself, or even the ductwork. Make sure that you call us and schedule an inspection. This will help prevent further issues and problems from happening with your system. By having everything inspected, we can repair or replace the part as needed.


Also remember one of the most important parts of the air conditioner, the filter. The filter will catch the dust particles that are in the air of your home. This helps for breathing easier as well. If any family member with allergies or asthma, cleaning the filter is highly important. By doing so you, you will help prevent these pollutants from getting back into the air of your home and recirculating. If you are not sure when the filter should be changed, we can recommend it. Also you can look at the manufacture’s recommended schedule of when it should be changed. If you have pets or there is smoke in the home, it will probably need to be cleaned more often than someone without pets. Checking and changing the air filter will benefit the air quality, as well as the air conditioner.