Your HVAC system is essential to keeping you and your family comfortable all year long. If you’ve made a service appointment recently, then you’ve probably been approached about signing up for an HVAC preventative maintenance. If this is the first you’ve heard about something like this or if you’ve been weighing your options for a while, then keep reading because we’re unpacking everything you need to know about preventative maintenance plans, and why they are a good idea.

What are preventative maintenance plans?

If you’re new to this concept, a preventative maintenance plan is one part membership, one part prepaying for your preventative maintenance. Most HVAC companies offer these plans as a way to press the easy button when it comes to scheduling regular maintenance on your HVAC system. Typically, you would pay a one-time yearly or a monthly fee (you’ll get the option) which will include benefits like regular maintenance appointments (covered by the plan) on your equipment, priority service for when your system breaks down, and discounts on repairs and replacements.

Why does your HVAC system need regular maintenance?

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance for a number of reasons. Most importantly, your AC and furnace will collect dust, dirt, and debris over time so regular maintenance includes cleaning your system which will increase efficiency. In addition, your trained HVAC technician will check for water leak issues to prevent damage, ensure your motors and blowers are in good working order, and inspect for any issues that could cause damage or repairs in the future. In short, regular maintenance ensures a longer life span and less costly repairs for your system.

How does a preventative maintenance plan help?

Preventative maintenance plans have many benefits and can help you stay on track when it comes to getting regular tune ups for your equipment. The benefits include:

  • Greater equipment efficiency: Regular maintenance checks on your equipment will increase airflow and efficiency levels. Your HVAC technician will perform cleanings and inspections, as well as, change out your air filters to ensure your equipment is running properly. A preventative maintenance plan ensures your maintenance checks are prepaid and scheduled so it works like clockwork.
  • Fewer repairs: Did you know that you’ll need fewer repairs with regular maintenance? Your preventative maintenance plan will ensure your systems gets cleaned and lubricated regularly which saves on wear on tear of parts which leads to fewer repairs.
  • Better air quality and comfort: Dirty condensate drain pans and ductwork and decrease your air quality and the overall comfort of your home. With a preventative maintenance plan, your prepaid tune up is scheduled regularly and will include regular cleaning and/or inspection of these items.
  • Longer life span: Your HVAC equipment will last longer when regular maintenance is performed. Did you know that well-maintained units can last for up to 20 years? With a preventative maintenance plan, you’ll save money on costly repairs or replacements in the long run.
  • Dependable operation: Regular tune ups, cleanings, and inspections can prevent breakdowns. When signing up for a preventative maintenance plan, you can save yourself the headache of frequent breakdowns when you need your equipment most.
  • Priority service: Most HVAC companies include one special perk for preventative maintenance plan customers. Whether you have a breakdown on a cold winter day or no AC during the dog days of summer, signing up for a preventative maintenance plan can ensure you are treated as a VIP – sometimes getting same day appointments for emergency situations.
  • Maintain your warranty: Did you know that your manufacturer can void your warranty if regular maintenance is not performed? Save yourself the headache and put your maintenance on autopilot with a preventative maintenance plan.

Preventative maintenance plans help you press the easy button when it comes to pre-scheduling those maintenance checks and receiving priority service from your HVAC company. If it’s been a while since you’ve installed your HVAC system, now is a great time to purchase a new furnace with great end of winter pricing. Our team is ready to help – so give us a call to schedule your next tune up or get started on a replacement today.