Keeping your home heating system in the best condition possible is important for the overall safety and efficiency of it. If you notice an issue with it, make sure to contact us immediately so we can inspect it for you. You may often hear some odd noises that the furnace system makes. Any odd noises that happen should be inspected as soon as possible by us.

When you turn your furnace on and hear banging, it could be the structure of your ducts is compromised and needs a piece of metal that’s thicker. Make sure to listen how the furnace starts. If there is an odd noise, this should be inspected as soon as possible.

There are a few things that might have happened to trigger the scraping sound you hear from your furnace. The motor can also have issues with the furnace. This can be a costly fix if it is not caught right away.

By having proper maintenance inspections done, we can help determine what the source of the issue is for your HVAC system, and how it should be repaired. Ignoring the issue can only make it worse in the long run if you are not careful. No matter what issue you notice, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect it for you.