You and your family spend a long of time in your home. You will want to keep the air in your home in the best condition possible. Doing so will help you to breath easier, and have better quality air as well. The most important thing you can do is to have your HVAC system inspected regularly. Preventative maintenance is important because we will inspect all the parts and components. This is an ideal time of the year to have your unit inspected. As you need to run the air conditioner less and less, you will need to start thinking about the furnace system for the upcoming winter.

Check the Filter

The filter will be one of the many parts that should be inspected. Filters will need to be checked on a regular basis, and also changed when it is recommended. If you are not sure how often the filter should be changed, make sure to contact us. The filter needs to be used with the air conditioner, and also the furnace system. These are designed to capture dirt and dust that are in the air of your home. Without a filter, this will go into your HVAC system, and cause issues with the working parts. This allows the pollutants to get back into the air of your home.

Notice Issues

Your HVAC system should also be inspected for any issues. If you hear strange sounds coming from the system, it can indicate a problem. You will also want to make sure that the area is clear of any objects or debris. If there are things closely stacked to the HVAC system, it could pose a fire hazard. Also check for any leaks from the system and around it. If you notice it, make sure to call us so we can come and properly inspect it for you. This will help keep your home comfortable during the year.