Winter weather will require you to run your furnace more often. When you do so, you will want it to be as efficient as possible. Anytime you notice a sign of an issue, make sure to call us so we can inspect the furnace for you. With regular maintenance, we can help keep it operating the best that it can be. If you notice any sign of the furnace not working correctly, make sure to call us. By doing so, we can check all the parts and components of the furnace for you.

Any odd noises that you might hear could mean that parts are starting to fail. When you ignore this, you jeopardize having the issue become worse. This can also increase the chance that other parts might start to wear out and fail as well. A clunking or grinding noise that you might hear will indicate that a part may have become loose when it is operating. It will clunk as the part is sliding around. Make sure that you call us so we can inspect the system and repair the part as soon as possible.

A squealing noise can indicate that a belt has slipped or broke. It can be high pitched, or even just a lower decibel level. As the issue becomes worse, you will notice the noise getting louder and more frequent. If there is dirt or dust covering a part of the system, it can also result in squealing or screech noise. When you are aware of any noises, always try to find out what the furnace was doing when they occurred. If the furnace system makes noise when it kicks on or off, it could mean something different than a noise that is produced as it is operating and producing warm air.