During the hot summer months, keep your air conditioner working efficiently. You will want to come into your home to cool down and enjoy the comfort of air conditioning. While regular maintenance is beneficial and important, sometimes there is an unexpected issue that happens. One issue might be that while the air conditioner is blowing cool air, it will not be cold like it typically would be. There are a few reasons that might cause this, but it is always best to contact us so we can inspect it properly. Also always be aware of any odd noise that the system operates. If they are ignored the issue will only become worse.

Keep Debris Away

If you notice the air is not as cold as it used to be, check to make sure that the outdoor components are free of debris. This should include landscape, branches, leaves, and anything else that could affect the airflow around it. The debris can sometimes get into the unit, causing the parts to become damaged or broken. Inside the unit are fragile fins that can become damaged easily. Brushing or cleaning them incorrectly can even cause them to no longer work properly. If the unit is making any strange noises when it operates, make sure to contact us and we can check it.


Also remember to change the filter on a regular basis. If you have pets in the home, the filter should be changed every month. Otherwise every three months is ideal. Make sure to check it often, as sometimes dirt can build up quicker at times. If the filter is clogged, then the air cannot go through properly. This will cause the system to work harder than it otherwise should. It can then lead to the system starting to fail. This is where you may start to notice cool, but not cold air. If this is happens a lot, make sure to contact us. That way you can stay cool and comfortable this summer.