Having a hot water heater in your home also means that it will need to be maintained regularly. No matter if you have an electric, tankless, or gas water heater, regular maintenance is beneficial and required to keep it performing well. In your home, the water heater will supply hot water for your entire home and family. The water heater can last from 8 to 13 years depending on the model. By maintaining the water heater, you can help it last as long as possible while also being efficient. With proper care, you can help to make sure it has a longer lifespan and can be efficient.

There are some maintenance tasks that are important to remember to do. You will want to check the pressure relief valve of the water heater. If there is too much pressure that builds inside it, it could cause the water heater to explode. When the pressure gets too high inside the tank, the valve will open automatically to release it. When this happens, the flow of water should be away from the furnace or other sensitive equipment.

Having a tankless water heater still requires maintenance and proper inspections. The units will indicate when regular maintenance is needed. It ideal to have us come and inspect it at least once a year. If you have hard water this should be done more often. You will also want to also flush the tankless water heater. This can help keep it working efficiently. When you take the time to have the water heater maintained, you can also improve the life and longevity of it. If you ever have any questions about it, always make sure to contact us so we can inspect it for you. Also remember to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for it as well.