HibersensePeople often spend several Dollars on thermostat equipments to optimize indoor temperatures. Despite the money you spend in the endeavor of regulating indoor temperature, it is very rare that to have the temperature remain ideal in all the zones of a facility. Fortunately, there is a viable, and cost-effective solution for this problem in the form of hibersense.


This problem is something that most home owners struggle with, and it led to Hibersense. This is a creation that stemmed from brilliant minds that got together and looked more closely to the problem pertaining to different indoor temperatures in different rooms. A data-driven startup saw this problem as an opportunity and created a solution that integrated smart technological advancements in aims to moderate and control the climate indoors. They call this technological climate control solution, Hibersense.

How does it Work?

Hibersense is a method that requires you to put sensors in every part of the house. These sensors are efficient in collecting environmental data, such as motion, temperatures, humidity, pressure, light, and air quality. Once the sensors collect all of this data, it then sends all the information to a central hub, which also has the capability of receiving information from mobile applications.

What this ultimately means is that users now have the ability to set temperatures in each room using their mobile devices. With Hibersense, users now have full control over the temperatures in each area of their house.

Equipped with this innovation, people that live in a house that contain multiple zones, will no longer have to make costly expenses on equipments needed to add zoned heat and AC in each room. Not only is that endeavor expensive, but it also includes plenty of hassle.

Hibersense solves that problem by providing users with the power to easily maintain optimum temperatures in all zones simply using the hibersense application, which is an essential component of the hibersense integration. Other components involve the hibersense vent and Hiber Hub.

Not to mention, the Hibersense technology also uses this information to either open or close dampers in the vents to direct and redirect airflow, making important regulatory temperature alterations in the house.

Multiple Uses

Hibersense is not only for homes, but it can also serve as a crucial tool in workspaces and offices as well. The damp closing and opening techniques allows the application to redirect airflow where it is most needed, and this feature is very suitable for office spaces.

The importance of having the right and comfortable temperature inside a house is greatly increasing, as more people tend to stay indoors due to the pandemic. Hibersense integration of the HVAC system, therefore, allows users to improve their internal environment quickly and efficiently. This results in better care of their health, and also the health of people living in the house.