As the weather starts to become more fall like and cooler temperatures, now is the time to have your furnace inspected before you would need to turn it on. Many people forget to perform simple maintenance tasks before turning the heating system on. Staying warm and comfortable this fall and winter is important. Make sure to have the furnace, ductwork, and thermostat inspected. This way you can ensure all the HVAC parts and components are working efficiently for the upcoming winter. If you ever notice any issues or problems with the furnace, make sure to contact us as soon as possible. By fixing the issue at the first sign, you can help reduce problems in the long run, as well as a costly repair bill.

Issues that Might Happen

When the seasons change, it is the best time to get heating and cooling systems maintained. Shifting from cool air to warm air can put a strain on the system. A heating system that has gone unused for months could have hidden issues that become major problems if they are not addressed. Since the furnace has not been used in a few months, parts and components may be worn out or need to be replaced. It is better to find that information out now, before you really do need the furnace to work.

Increase the Performance of the HVAC System

It is not uncommon for people to encounter a heating system that is not up to the task of making a home comfortable and safe in cooler weather. By having the furnace and ductwork inspected, you can help prevent costly monthly repair bills. This is because the part can be fixed before it becomes worse or causes other parts to fail as well. Inspect the air filters for the HVAC unit at least once a month. This can help increase the performance by ensuring the air is not being forced through dirty ducts. Dirty filters can cause pollutants to be circulated throughout a home. Also make sure that the ductwork and vents are inspected for any blockages or obstructions. Warm air that is trying to circulate in a room may be blocked by furniture or other household items. Not only would this prevent a home from warming up, but also air that is forced against blocked vents can strain the system. Programmable thermostats should also be inspected to ensure that the temperature is kept lower when you and your family are at work or school. There is also an option to change the settings to a lower or higher temperature overnight when everyone is sleeping.

Contact us at Any Sign of an Issue

One of the best ways to get a heating system ready for the cold weather is by choosing us for maintenance services. We can look at the parts, components, and system for the HVAC unit to ensure everything it well maintained and working efficiently this winter. This can help you to have a warm and comfortable home.