As summer comes to an end, fall season and the change of temperature arrives. Despite the temperatures not dropping just yet, it is essential to be prepared for the colder weather. By having a routine HVAC maintenance with us, you can detect minor issues early on, so you do not encounter major problems when you really need the heat at home this winter.


Make sure to replace the filters before fall. If you have not changed your air filter all summer, it is time to do so. Additionally, it is important to check the filter every month. So if it looks dirty, it should be changed. If you are not sure how often to inspect and change the filter, make sure to contact us, and we can advise you on the correct schedule.


Prior to turning on the heat, clear your vents of dust and debris. Ignoring so will result in dust, bacteria, and allergens being blown around your home and causing potential health problems. Clean them by using a hose from a vacuum.


If your HVAC system is located outside, it is susceptible for leaves, twigs, pollen, and other forms of debris to get caught in or around the unit. Check the tops and sides of your system and make sure there are no obstructions. If you need further recommendations to get your HVAC system in the best condition, make sure to contact us. The cost of regular maintenance will outweigh the cost of a repair in the future.