To help get your air conditioner ready for summer, you will need to start with regular maintenance now. This will improve the efficiency of the air conditioner for the upcoming months. By following routine maintenance, we can inspect the system and check the parts as needed. Remember to contact us if you are not sure when specific tasks should be performed. We can inspect the parts and components as needed, and notice when a part should be repaired or replaced for the system. Doing so will also help prolong the life of the air conditioner system.

One of the most important tasks to remember is to have the filter changed. The filter is designed to capture and collect any dirt and dust from the air in your home. Make sure that the filter is the correct size for your air conditioner. Ones that are not correct will cause the air conditioner to work at greater strain and power. They will also be less efficient when they operate. When the filter needs to be changed, certain models of programmable thermostats can alert you do this. The filter should be checked on a regular basis, and changed on a schedule. This schedule can be a result of any dusty conditions in the home, or if you have pets.

Another part of the air conditioner system that needs to be inspected are the evaporator and condenser coils. When these become full of dirt, it can reduce the airflow and efficiency of the unit as well. Also make sure that the area is free of any foliage or debris buildup. This could mean sticks, leaves, grass clipping, or dirt should be properly removed from the exterior. If you are not sure how to clean the condenser coils and unit, make sure to contact us. This way we can inspect the coils for any debris or damage to them. Also remember to cut any plants or flowers back so they do not interfere with the airflow of the unit.