furnace issues


In your home, you want to avoid any furnace issues. The first step to accomplish this is to have the furnace inspected on a regular basis. Maintenance in the fall before the cold season is recommended. If you did not have that this year, your furnace may develop a problem. Make sure to contact us at the first sign of furnace issues. No matter if it is a problematic issue, or something small, call us. We can come and inspect it to ensure everything is working properly.

Check the filter

The first thing to check is the filter. The filter is designed to capture any dirt or dust that might be in the home. This prevents it from being recalculated through the home time and time again. If you are not sure the type of filter, we can advise you. We can also recommend when you should check and change the filter for the furnace system. By doing so, it will circulate clean air without any pull or drag. A dirty filter can also cause parts to work harder and wear out sooner. Be advised to never operate a furnace without a filter. This can cause the dirt to get on the components of the furnace. This can cause furnace issues quickly.

Notice odd noises

Also check for any odd noises or sounds. A bang, thump, or grinding noise should not be ignored. It can mean a part is wearing poorly, or something should be repaired. It is always best to contact us so we can inspect it for you. If you hear a noise, having it repaired as soon as possible helps reduce the chance of further damage. It also helps to prevent a very costly repair bill in the long run.

Remember the thermostat

You will want to also inspect the thermostat to ensure it is operating efficiently. If the set temperature is different than the actual temperature, there is an issue. The thermostat may need to be repaired or replaced. We can inspect and advise you on what is causing the issue. This can help you get back to a warm and comfortable home.