Most homes have one thermostat that controls the temperature for your whole home. Most of the time this is fine, but sometimes this can result in rooms that may be too hot or too cold. If you have noticed that and you want more granular control of your home comfort, you should consider investing in Hibersense.

A typical Hibersense installation will result in several benefits to your home. If you notice hot and cold rooms in your home, make sure to contact us. We can come and inspect your HVAC system and home. Doing so will allow us to recommend what options you have, and the best choice. This will provide added comfort for your home, while you make sure all rooms are the ideal temperature.

Home Comfort

Hibersense installation is quick and easy.  There is no construction needed so there won’t be any sheetrock dust or debris to clean up.  The Hibersense components (thermostat, room sensors, and vents) can be installed quickly, usually within a half a day from start to finish.  Hibersense is the first multi-zone duct system that does not require any alterations to the ductwork. It will work with any existing duct system that you already have in your home.

Control at your Fingertips

There is a custom Hibersense app that is available on Apple or Android devices that will come the command center of your home’s comfort. A new thermostat will be installed which will interact with the room sensors to tell your HVAC system when to run. Overall, this provides the comfort, efficiency, and ideal temperature to each room and your home. Since this is the first-ever room to room comfort control system, you can achieve the consistent temperature you want.

If you have any further questions about Hibersense or your HVAC system, always make sure to contact us.  We are happy to provide you a consultation.