Make sure children and pets are out of your car when you stop and turn it off this summer. As the temperatures get warmer each day, remember the interior of the car will too. After turning off the vehicle, it can rise to over 100 degrees within ten minutes. This is when it is 85 degrees outside. So the warmer it is outside, the quicker and hotter the vehicle will get as well. Be aware of the consequences and dangers of what you are doing by leaving children, pets, and items in the vehicle. Even items that you may think are fine, like chapstick or plastic bottles, should be removed from the heat.


Children can be affected by the heat

The vehicle can heat up quickly once it is turned off. When it is parked in the open, rays of direct sunlight hit the car. With the windows rolled up, this results in no air circulation for the interior. If the vehicle has a dark interior, it is at a higher risk of dangerous temperatures inside. The sun’s rays are the source of heat that enters the car. The dashboard will receive the most heat as the sun shines in. The windows allow the rays to shine through, while also trapping the heat inside the vehicle. This all makes the interior become hotter and quicker than it does during other times of the year.

Do not rely on cracking a window in the vehicle, because this will not be enough to cool it down. The temperatures will still rise at a fast rate, which will lead to issues if children or pets are inside it. As you get out of the vehicle to go to the store or work, always make sure to check in the back seat for kids or pets. This can accidentally happen if you typically do not drop your child off at daycare, and then one day might have to. Always make sure to check for any items that could have damage to them if they get hot or melt. This could include arousal cans, food, or anything heat sensitive. If ever in doubt, it is just best to remove it from your vehicle.