It goes without saying that central heating systems are cooling systems are polar opposites of each other, but they have a connection at the same time. Are you are wondering about the link between them? If yes, you are in the right place.

The Furnace connections for the Central Heating System

Each central heating system uses a primary heating appliance, which in most cases, is the furnace. Furnaces are present in places like basements and garages and help exchange heat, deliver fuel etc. The heating system you choose ultimately depends upon where you live and what your particular situation is. You can also opt for modern heating systems which run with gas as well as oil.

Burners create combustion gasses and pass them through multiple heat exchangers to ensure your house remains warm. Since most units these days contain cooling and heating elements, it is important to perform summer and winter time maintenance of your HVAC system’s furnace. Of course, you will not be using the furnace during the summers, but its important to get it checked by an HVAC expert, as not doing so could compromise the cooling system’s performance.

The Connection between Central Cooling and the Furnace

Most people these days prefer split systems as their cooling system of choice. These systems contain evaporators and cabinets with condenser oil and compressors installed with furnaces/air handlers. What’s more, cooling systems pump a special chemical, which some people also refer to as refrigerant through the system.

Once the air inside your house blows around the evaporator coil, its energy begins to shift towards the refrigerant inside it. This shift in transfer allows the unit to generate cool air in an effective manner. After this, the refrigerant is restored in the compressor, causing the cycle to start all over again. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant goes outside they house while the cool air is blowing indoors.

Inspecting the Furnace Filter Even During Winters

Contrary to popular belief, the furnace is as important during cold as well as hot weather. Therefore, it would be best if you got an HVAC expert to inspect and repair or replace it if they notice any issues. A major reason why heating and cooling systems are so closely knit is because their system for distributing air is virtually identical. Therefore, whether its summer time or winter time, make sure you get your unit inspected to ensure it runs efficiently.