Keeping your home warm and comfortable is important, especially during the winter months. The best thing you can do is to contact us so the furnace system is maintained regularly. This can help it to operate efficiently through the winter, without wasting heat that is produced. If you notice an issue with your furnace system, make sure to contact us so we can inspect it for you. One part that should be inspected regularly is the filter. Dirty air filters are the most common cause of furnace issues. The dust and dirt can restrict the airflow when the furnace runs. If the filter becomes too clogged, the heat exchanger can overheat and shut off too quickly before your home is warmed up. If there is no heat coming out when the blower is running, the filter may need to be replaced. If the filter is dirty, it may also cause soot to collect on the heat exchanger. This can reduce the efficiency of the furnace and shorten the life of it.


If there is an issue with how the furnace is running, the thermostat can also be checked. If it is faulty, it can lead to problems with the fan and comfort levels in your home. There could be a short in the wire that causes connection problems between the thermostat and the furnace system. If the thermostat shows that the actual temperature and the set temperature are different it could indicate an issue with the connection. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible so we can inspect it. This can help prevent a costly repair bill because the furnace would be operating constantly.


Another part that should be inspected for your heating system is the ductwork. The ductwork should be inspected for any cracks or damage to it. If it is damaged, heat that is produced can leak out of the cracks, resulting in higher heating bills each month. You can contact us and we can repair the ductwork for you. We can also inspect the ductwork for any buildup of dirt, dust, or other pollutants. If the ductwork needs to be cleaned, we can schedule a time to do this for you. Having the ductwork cleaned will help increase the flow of the heat that is produced from the furnace. It will also help your home to be warm and comfortable this winter.