You’d be surprised to learn how many homeowners struggle to keep themselves warm during winters. Of course, staying warm during cold weathers is a priority for everybody but very few individuals are able to fulfill it the way they want it. In most cases, people tend to use central heating systems, but they are quite inefficient and expensive.

It is a major reason why you should consider incorporating a supplemental strategy for wintertime heating. While there are plenty of ways you can use to warm up your room during winters, using a baseboard electric heater would be a tremendous idea.

Baseboard Heaters – What are they?

At its core, a baseboard heater is an incredibly effective heater variant that sits on floors or a few inches above them. Generally, a heater like this is powered either hydraulically or with convection. When using a baseboard heater, you must use a thermostat for controlling the overall usage and temperature. In case you do not think you can install it by yourself, acquiring the help of an experienced electrician would be a great idea.

What’s most impressive about baseboard electric heaters is that they help make your room warm without requiring too much electricity. Mentioned below, are some other tremendous benefits that these heaters have to offer.

Easily Portable

Unlike traditional type of heaters, baseboard heaters are portable and you can place them wherever you please. These heating devices have an elongated shape and plugging them is quite straightforward. Modern variants even come with carry handles, which offer extra convenience when trying to lift them up.

While some people think of baseboard heaters as an alternative, you can also use them as the main heating source.


Ideal for Rooms that are Difficult to Warm up

It feels almost impossible to warm certain areas in your home. Interior garages and basements, in particular, don’t warm up as you would want them to. In most cases, cold air enters these spaces, causing the temperature to drop dramatically.

Placing a baseboard heater in areas like these can prove to be a tremendous choice. Why? Because it will eliminate the need of installing a separate heater. In addition, the cost to maintain heaters that don’t require too much energy is very minimal as you can simply switch the heat off for spaces you aren’t utilizing.


Baseboard heaters can offer you warmth and save a lot of energy. As mentioned earlier, these heaters are significantly better than traditional ones in terms of portability and energy efficiency. While installing a baseboard heater is relatively straightforward, you can always get a professional to do the job for you.