Your air conditioner, like any other machine, will tell you when it needs maintenance. An air conditioner’s function is to provide your home with sufficient cool air. Also it provides the air without harming your interior air quality and causing issues.

If it does anything other than that, you have to resort to professional help. Some signs are obvious, while others may not be very noticeable. Here are the common malfunctions that require instance inspection and maintenance.

Fails to Provide Adequate Cooling

This malfunction is dire, as no one wants to live with an air conditioning system that fails. If you notice that, the air conditioner is taking a long time to cool your home, an inspection by a professional should be overdue. You can also inspect this issue by raising your hand towards the vents and feeling the cold air manually.

If you feel as if the air blowing out of the vents does not correspond to the temperature that you set, this could be a cause of several issues. Many malfunctions can lead to your air conditioner slowing down its cooling process. For instance, your compressor may be at fault. There could be a wiring issue, or a leak may be at fault.

If it fails to blow out cool air over a certain period, this can indicate numerous problems with your air conditioning system. Only a thorough inspection by a professional can help you get to the root of this problem. Even experts can find cooling issues tricky because the malfunctions can occur in more than just one component of your air conditioning unit.

Blowing Out Bad Smell

This is a common and sure sign that points to A/C maintenance. The usual reason why there is a disturbing smell protruding from your AC vents is a lack of cleanliness. The air conditioning unit is vulnerable to dirt, debris, and mold.

Over a long time, mold develops inside the condenser and this can clog the drain and invade the cooling coils. This will eventually result in a distinctive smell, very noticeable to homeowners. Hiring a professional to clean the components of the HVAC system is your best bet against countering this problem.

Air Conditioner Leaks

It is not unusual to come across a few droplets form inside the vents. Leakage from the air conditioner is usually a sign of condensation line blockage. This line is responsible for extracting the entire condensation vapor that builds up during the cooling process. Hence, if there is a blockage in this line, the excess condensation either leaks or freezes the coils.

If this problem happens often, then you must call the technician immediately. This can also be a sign of a more severe issue, such as a Freon leak, which can be life-threatening to children and pets.

Air conditioner maintenance will not only save you from health hazards, but it can also help you save costs on utility bills by making your HVAC system more power efficient. Hence, it is always best to refrain from compromising on maintenance.