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The Purpose of the Filter


The filter of your air conditioner is important. A clogged filter can reduce air flow significantly. This increases the amount of time your system has to run and putting significant stress on your air conditioners internal components.  The filter’s primary role is to keep dust and other contaminants from collecting on the evaporator coil. Additionally, this dirt and debris can collect on the various moving parts of your blower motor and fan, which also decreases their effectiveness.

Replace the Filter

Replacing your air conditioning filter routinely will help keep your system running smoothly. It will prevent the buildup of mold, dust, and other allergens. If you are not sure how often the system filter should be changed, make sure to contact us. Based on your home and lifestyle, we can recommend a schedule that is right for you.


One of the many benefits of changing your air conditioning filter is the effect that this has on your health.  Whether you have a sturdy immune system or suffer from severe allergies or asthma, ensuring that your air is scrubbed with each pass through your air conditioner is essential to good respiratory health.  Routine air filter replacement is essential to decreasing the amount of organic material that accumulates in your systems ducting which can fuel mold growth.  Mold in your air conditioning system can cause several undesirable symptoms, including chronic cough, wheezing and the increased likelihood of asthma attacks.

It is important to replace your air conditioning filter on a regular basis.  Sometimes you should change the filter once a month, while other times it may be best to change it every three months at minimum. Check your filter on a monthly basis and if the entire filter is dark grey and has a saturated look, then it’s time to change it. You can always contact us and we can advise you on the correct filter and schedule for it.


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