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A Sump Pump for your Home

sump pump

If you have a basement, you probably know what a sump pump is. Sump pumps have been a pretty common fixture in homes, especially in places where the rapid melting of heavy snow can cause flooded basements.

Placement of the Sump Pump

To have sump pump in your basement is quite simple. A hole is dug in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace where a sump pump sits and filters out water. As the pit fills up, the pump turns on and moves the liquid out of the pit. This happens through pipes that run away from the foundation of your home. That water goes into an area where it can drain. A one-way valve or check valve keeps water from entering back into the home.

How it works

The majority of residential sump pumps will turn on automatically from a pressure sensor or float activator. The pressure sensor activates as water builds up and creates more pressure than air which prompts the pump to turn on. The float activator has a ball that floats on top of the water, moving the arm as the water level rises. This is similar to the one in your toilet tank.

When the motor activates, a fan-like device will turn. Using centrifugal force, the spinning impeller will force the water towards the sides of the pipe. Then creating a low-pressure center where water from the pit rushes to while the spinning action pushes it through the pipe.

Also remember to have the pump maintained. Some pump manufacturers recommend the pump to be run every 2-3 months. Some recommend a yearly program completed just before the rainy season hits. If you are noticing water issues in your basement, make sure to contact us. We can inspect your home. We will also recommend what type of sump pump would be right for your home. This can help prevent water damage in the future.

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