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Never worry about hot and cold rooms again…

Hibersense makes sure you’re comfortable in every room!   

Here is how Hibersense works:  K&S will come to your home and analyze the current hot and cold challenges and provide a free estimate for correcting your problem with a customized  Hibersense system “just for your home”. With your approval The following steps will occur:

K&S is the exclusive Hibersense dealer in the greater Rochester and Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  If you have been struggling with rooms that are too hot or too cold there is now a convenient solution that avoids expensive construction costs and the mess those construction projects create. It’s Hibersense!   



The Hibersense System is made up of 3 Components

Hiber Vent

Hiber Vents are installed to adjust and control airflow to every room ensuring every space is always at the perfect climate. Hiber Vents stop unoccupied spaces from being over-heated or over-cooled while making sure everyone is comfortable.

Hiber Hub

The Hiber Hub is the intelligence of the system, efficiently controlling the HVAC system and which rooms need to receive heat or cooling. K&S has Hibersense trained installation professionals that can have your system up and running in as little as a morning or afternoon.

Hiber App

The Hiber App puts the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand. Set the temperature of every room. Hibersense will adjust the climate of your home so it is perfect for you every hour of every day. The Hibersense app will also learn your preferences over time so you can simply set it and forget it……

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