To help keep the air in your home at the best quality possible, you should make sure that your furnace is inspected when recommended. This is because without regular maintenance, the furnace will start to have strain against other parts and lead to costly repair bills. The filter is something that should never be forgotten. The air filter should be checked regularly to ensure it is clean and able to do the job it does. This includes collecting dust and dirt from the air. It is recommended to never run the furnace without a filter, as the dirt can cause damage to the interior of the HVAC unit.



When recommended, the filter should be changed so it is as clean as possible. This will help keep the good quality air traveling through the vents, and into your home. You can also call us and we can inspect the furnace, as well as the ductwork. The ductwork should be inspected for any cracks or gaps in it. This will allow the heat that is produced to escape through the cracks. We will also inspect the interior of the ductwork. Over time pet dander, dust, and dead insects can build up in there. This will result in lower quality air for the home.



If anyone in the home suffers from allergies or asthma, having poor quality air will aggravate some of the symptoms. If you ever notice an issue with the furnace, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the unit for you. This will help you to have good quality air in your home while you are in it.