Thousands of people forget changing their air filter and there’s a chance that you could be one of these people. Yes, it’s true that everyday life can be incredibly busy but forgetting this maintenance task could come back and bite you. This is why experts strongly suggest people with cooling or heating systems to change their HVAC filters frequently.

However, most people wonder when the ideal time to replace these filters is. Well, that is exactly what this article will talk about. The tips mentioned down below discuss common signs that suggest it is time to replace your filters.

Your AC is Getting Too Hot

One of the most obvious signs that suggest that you need to replace your HVAC filter is when your air conditioner is getting too hot. In case your filter is accumulating too much dirt, it may start projecting hot air from the back. Too much clogging inside your filters is usually the main reason why air conditioners get too hot. Fortunately, the solution is relatively straightforward as you can resolve this issue by changing the AC’s filter right away.

Allergy Attacks

Believe it or not, clogged HVAC filters can often cause allergy attacks. This is because they tend to accumulate things like pet dander, dust pollen, grime etc. Once the filter gets saturated with pollutants like these, they blow out and circulate into the air you breathe, causing you to suffer from allergy attacks.

Remember, the cooling or heating systems inside your house can have a negative or positive affect on your lifestyle. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to keep your system in excellent shape by changing its HVAC filter on a regular basis. You can also utilize air purifiers to ensure the filter doesn’t gather dirt too quickly.

The Electricity Bills are increasing

If you notice your electricity bills creeping higher, finding out the cause behind it can be quite challenging. A faulty AC system, poorly functioning appliance etc could be the reason behind the increased bills. If you use your air conditioning system every day and notice an increase in your bills, there is a chance that there is something wrong with the A.C.

In most cases, simply replacing the air filter tends to do the trick This is also why you should take filter maintenance seriously, as it could save you from a lot of inconveniences later on.


There are a plethora of other telltale signs that suggest it’s time to get your HVAC filters changed. However, the ones we discussed in this piece are arguably the most common and can be identified right away. In any case, you should maintain your systems regularly and always be on the lookout for problems to prevent long-term damage.