Overlooking the condition of your air filter, can be very costly to you. In other words, simply changing the air filters can influence your utility bills significantly. If your AC’s air filter needs a replacement, then switching to a better filter in the AC season will decrease your average utility bill expenses.

You need to be Paying Attention!

The air filters are like the lungs of your home. They help clean the air that is circulating your home, and as a result, keeps you, and your system protected from dust and debris. Some renters and house owners are also devoid of the existence of these air filters. By cleaning and replacing them often, you help keep the air in your home clean.

If your air filter is outdated and covered with dust and debris, it begins to restrict the airflow coming through the vents or the air conditioning system. Keep in mind that these air filters situate at the entry of the furnace, or the air vents depending on your HVAC system.

Hence, if the air filter blocks the airflow, it makes the air vents push out the air vent exhaust their power supply to push out the cool air. This, in turn, affects the efficiency of the air throughput and increases your total power usage. If you want the compressor to work less hard, replacing it often will take the burden away from the compressor will therefore; alleviate the system from the added work.

Merv Ratings

You can deduce the quality of an air filter by looking at the Merv rating. This rating can range from 1 and go as high as 20. A high rating of an air filter means that it can capture smaller particles than the ones with lesser ratings. The price of an air filter depends completely on the size and rating of the air filter.

Replace Your Air Filter Often

You have to access two factors when deciding upon air filter replacement. Fist factor is environmental, and the second one involves equipment.

The frequency at which you may have to replace your air filters depends on the dust emission inside your house. For instance, if you have construction nearby, or you live in a dusty climate, then you will likely need an air filter replacement earlier than you think.

Alternatively, if you believe that your home’s environment is stable, with less exposure to the outside dust, then you will be able to go longer without an air filter replacement. Pairing this factor with the equipment means that you will have to find a filter that provides you the perfect balance between filtering efficiency and airflow, in correspondence to your home’s environment.

Picking out the right filter can be tough. Getting one with a high Merv rating in a home with high volumes of dust in its air index would not be a wise choice.

Your best bet would be to get one with a Merv rating of 8, and replace it every three months or so. To make a better decision, consider taking advice from an expert.