One way to help to save money is to lower the thermostat. Lowering the thermostat during the times where you need less heat can help save on monthly heating bills. This is beneficial because you will not waste any heat that is produced when you are out of the home, at work, or sleeping. It can also help to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the heating unit. The furnace will not need to run as long or as hard to heat your home. This can also save money on frequent repairs that the heating system might need.



It is important to make sure that the thermostat is set correctly in your home. Some people think that the higher the thermostat is set at, the hotter it will run. In all reality, furnaces will operate and produce the amount of heat at the same rate no matter what the setting is at for the temperature. The furnace will cycle on and off as needed in order to keep the home at whatever the temperature and thermostat is set at. We can help to recommend when the thermostat should be lowered, and what temperature it should be set at. This can help to provide you with the maximum amount of savings each month.



By lowering the thermostat to an ideal temperature that is cost efficient, as well as heat efficient, you can save as much as thirty percent each month. If you feel that you forget when to lower the thermostat or do not like coming home to a colder home, consider a programmable thermostat. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can help to ensure that the temperature is lowered when it should be.


A programmable thermostat can allow you to set it for different times of the day, and days of the week. This allows the temperature to decrease when you are away at work. The thermostat can be set to lower the temperature as you leave. It can then be programmed to raise the temperature before you are about to return home again. The same can be programmed in for when you sleep. There is also a vacation setting on a programmable thermostat for if you are away for several days at a time.