Typically you will spend a majority of time in your home. It is important to keep it as warm and comfortable as possible. If you notice the home is dry and uncomfortable, you may need to invest in a humidifier. You can purchase a room humidifier that helps to handle the dry air in a single part of your home or room. You can also choose to invest in a whole home humidifier system, which will affect the entire home. If you are unsure which humidifier to get, we can help to advise you on your options. We can also explain the choices you have, and what we recommend would be best for your home.


You may notice you have dry air in your home by some signs. One of the most obvious signs that the air is too dry in your home is if you have static electricity. Static electricity is a stationary electrical charge that is the result of low humidity environments. If the static electricity is bad enough, it could even damage electronic equipment. You may also start to notice other signs that you would need a humidifier. These could include allergy or asthma symptoms that have become worse, dry skin, or dry coughs. The dry air may also cause the woodwork in your home to separate at the seams. If one room or section of the home has the issue, a room humidifier can help. If the static issue were around the home equally, a whole home humidifier would be the best solution.


Another issue could be if you start to experience some health issues. If the dry air is a problem, you can help to solve it with a room humidifier. Signs could be that of dry skin or dry hair. Eyes can become dry and itchy, along with chapped lips and a scratchy throat. It can also cause irritation in the nasal passages. Having dry air can aggravate allergies you might have. Dry air can also increase the chance of nosebleeds.


Dry air can be an issue for your home as well. The dry air can kill houseplants if they are under the constant stress of it. If the plants seem to be dying no matter how you water them, it could be caused from the dry air. The dry air can also damage any wood floors or furniture. It can cause them to wear out faster than they typically should. Having a humidifier can help prolong the life of the wood products in your home. Make sure to contact us so we can advise you on the best type of humidifier for your home.