Replacing your existing air conditioner or looking to purchase a new one might be overwhelming if you are not sure what to look for. Make sure to buy one that is the correct size for your home. If you underestimate your cooling needs, you could be hot and sticky and still increase the electric bills.


Remember to clean the filter regularly. Depending on how much time the unit is actually operating and how clean the air is, cleaning may be needed every few weeks to monthly during the cooling season. If you ever notice that the air is not flowing through the home properly, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the filter, as well as the air conditioner unit. Keeping the filter clean and in good condition is important for the efficiency for the air conditioner unit as well.


When the filter is removed for cleaning, it’s also a good time to check the surface of the evaporator coil, which will now be visible. If there is dust or debris on the surface, gently remove it. Taking care not to deform the soft fins, use an upholstery-brush attachment to vacuum the coils. You can also contact us and we can come and inspect the air conditioner for you.