The quality of the air outdoors is influenced by many factors beyond our control. However, the air inside your home can remain clean, healthy and safe by incorporating duct cleaning, filtration, and ventilation as part of a comprehensive indoor air quality strategy.

Normal daily activities tend to produce a large quantity of microscopic contaminants that remain trapped inside the interior of buildings without adequate air exchange. Furnace filters quickly become loaded with hair, pollen, dander, dust, dirt and other pollutants that begin to circulate freely through the home’s air duct system. Furnaces and air conditioners lose efficiency as sticky layers of grime begin to coat vital internal components. Fungi and mold spores use these nutrients to multiply and spread.

Most homeowners recognize the importance of having their HVAC equipment serviced regularly. Unfortunately, the air duct network is largely neglected until the performance of the entire system is affected. Annual duct cleaning provides several benefits for your home. The indoor air quality can improve, because over time, debris accumulates inside the ductwork of your HVAC system. When the blower engages, some of the particulate matter is recycled through the air handler and eventually distributed into the various rooms of your home. The duct cleaning process removes the vast majority of the contaminants from the duct system, so the living area remains free of pollutants and other irritants.

Cleaning the system also reduces overall costs. When the evaporator coil and heat exchanger become clogged with dirt and debris, the thermal energy transfer process is compromised. The equipment must work harder and longer to meet the indoor load, which results in higher utility bills. Most cooling and heating failures are caused by excessive cycling and improper maintenance. Ductwork restrictions and dirty components can increase friction loss and reduce airflow by as much as 50 percent. Longer run cycles place critical moving parts under extreme stress, which can result in excessive wear and untimely breakdowns.

Proper maintenance can also eliminate odors. Mold and fungi produce unpleasant odors as the colonies eat, grow and multiply. These smells are pushed through the ductwork and ultimately into the living area. Perspiration and food odors can also become trapped inside tight homes and subsequently embedded in the dust clusters scattered throughout the duct system. Regular duct cleaning removes the material these odors cling to, and operators can introduce a deodorizer into the duct system at the homeowner’s request.

If you need your HVAC system inspected, make sure to contact us. We can inspect the whole unit, as well as inside the ductwork. We can also schedule a duct cleaning for your home. This can help your home to be more enjoyable and comfortable.